At university, I was blessed to have become involved with its student radio
station, 90.9 FM WCDB Albany. WCDB represents my first complete foray
in both the curation of music and the idea of conducting business. I spent
time as the station's Promotion, Production and Training director before
ultimately assuming the role of Program Director in my final year.

In that year as PD, I worked with an incredible group of DJs to elevate both
the quality of our broadcast and our student involvement rates. I am
enormously proud to say WCDB enjoyed comprehensive twelve-hour
coverage of the 2008 United States presidential election, followed by
achieving the first twenty-four hour live program schedule since the late
1980s. A non-commercial radio station, WCDB did not possess the means
to automate its programming.The feeling I derived from helping to
accomplish these and other goals for the station is something I aspire to
feel again in the working world.

Below you will find some recordings from my program, along with other fun
bits and pieces of my undergraduate efforts at the Capital District's Best.

Interview with Kirk Fogg, conducted September 2006

M.R. Poulopolous' live performance of 'No Diamonds to Toss,'
recorded April 2011

Sample program dated Apr 11, 2011

Schedule distributed on reverse of all station flyers, Spring 2007

Generic flyer, 2006