Rabbit with Mustard

While traveling on the Metro North to shoot The Wedding Present's latest music video in Manhattan, I chanced to buy a copy of my FAVOURITE newspaper, the Financial Times. I was piqued by the Recipes column, where the socioeconomics of rabbit consumption in Western Europe in the 20th c. are mused on alongside a fantastic serving suggestion. I vowed to give it a try in an act of Marie Antoinette style gamey celebration once the video was done.


The original recipe can be found here:

The rabbit weighed about 3.5 pounds and cost about $12.

I referenced this on cutting Lola up:


I found the quarters to be effortless and sort of like a smaller guage chicken. The stomach and saddle were a different story. But we waste what we have to: moving on to seasoning / mustardsauce-ing.


After the initial cook, take the meat out of the pan and boil the juices with heavy cream to make an absolutely brilliant robe for the chicken already enriched by Dijon mustard and thyme. Better grouped with a white wine and rice or potatoes, I had broccoli and apple juice.

There were plenty of lefties for the following morning's omelette...!

Overall 7/10 was good but I would have preferred a whole lot more white meat. but take this from someone who had never had rabbit growing up. Maybe it is kinda like the Beatles in that way.

I leave you softly, carnally.

The Wedding Present - "Mystery Date" Pururambo Productions 2013